Secret Belliard 2014
Item No.: WDAR1719
Winery: --
Region(s): Bordeaux
Appellation: --
Variety: --
Description: It was thus naturally in 2005, Xavier Belliard, always in constant search for perfection towards the development of his wines, decided to age his 2005 vintage in the Ocean. This was accomplished with the assistance of a well known, a famous and recognized worldwide Oyster Farmer. A trial was therefore carried out with two barrels of 225l. The first barrel was aged for 24 months in Xavier’s winery and storage cellar while the second barrel was aged (on the ground level of the ocean at a low tide) in his Oyster farms. In January 2008, both barrels were compared. The aged wines were sent for analysis by a qualified laboratory. The wine that was aged in the cellar did not carry out its full promises despite showing some qualities, unlike the wine aged in the ocean which proved very surprising by revealing more softness and complexity, a difference that was confirmed by the laboratory. The analysis revealed an assimilation between the wine and the sea, though a stainless bung was used in order to ensure a perfect sealing. If the wine had its alcohol level decreased, that of sodium had increased thus offering a salty taste that refines the tannins. The interest of an immersion to 8 meters deep in the oyster bags results in the combination of the temperature between 12 and 14 degrees, which provides humidity along with a significant lack of oxygen by avoiding oxidation and also without the use of SO2. In addition, the low light and the water pressure favors a good taste in evolution. The balance of acidity, the persistence of the aromatic freshness and expressiveness both on the nose and in the mouth naturally operates offering the development of a rare wine by the emanation of its aromas.
Tasting Note: --
Vintage: 2014
Rating: --
Volume: 750ml
HK $148.00