Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky
Item No.: WDEY0031
Winery: Kavalan
Region(s): --
Appellation: --
Variety: --
Description: King Car distillery is located in Yilan County, Taiwan, and the single malt whisky produced there is named after the indigenous people who originally inhabited this northeastern corner of the island: the Kavalan.
Tasting Note: The casks, including ex-bourbon refill barrels, fresh sherry butts, and x Port casks as well as Kavalan's own dechar/rechar casks designed to a special recipe to complement the spirit's flavour, are stored in an unconventional five-story maturation warehouse. Like Glenmorangie and other industry greats, Chang has an obsessive wood policy. No doubt this attributes much to the stellar quality already on offer. Stylistically, Kavalan's whiskies cross a remarkable breadth. Their flavour profiles range from traditional Speyside through to more robust expressions reminiscent of many recent Australian efforts. They have already confounded many critics and a cask strength release recently breached the mythical 3 digit barrier, rated 100 points by the highly respected ‘Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago.
Vintage: NV
Rating: BT 99
Volume: 700ml
HK $1188.00