Grosset Alea Riesling 2012
Item No.: WDAW0124
Winery: --
Region(s): Clare Valley
Appellation: --
Variety: --
Description: As you’d expect from such a great vintage, the 2012 Grosset Alea is an exemplary wine. Barely sweet enough to be rated off-dry it is fresh, bright and vibrant with mid-palate softness, a whisper of lingering sweetness, and a crisp, dry lime juice acidity that provides the wine with balance. There is succulence, tight structure, plenty of power, and a delicious lingering aftertaste. A wine of substance, suited but certainly not limited to dishes of Asian influence, it is just a touch drier but otherwise very similar to last year’s Off-dry, and a wonderfully different expression of the variety when compared to the Springvale and Polish Hill.
Tasting Note: --
Vintage: 2012
Rating: HH 97
Volume: 750ml
HK $178.00