By Farr GC Cote Vineyard Chardonnay 2019
Item No.: WDAW0137
Winery: By Farr
Region(s): Victoria
Appellation: --
Variety: --
Description: This is as sleek and polished as it texturally compelling, purring across a saline lick of phenolics, praline and slick oak handling. Yet it is the wine’s sheer effortlessness: dense and intense of flavour on one hand; stealth and an uncanny cool, on the other; creeping to an apogee of complexity with every sip. A meld of synergistic sites, rootstock, clone, vineyard management and a deft, soothing hand in the winery. Class.
Tasting Note: --
Vintage: 2019
Rating: JH 98
Volume: 750ml
HK $598.00