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Champagne Stroebel Le Vin Tranquille Blanc 2019

Rare in the world of Champagne. Pinot Meunier directly pressed so with a very different direction than most other 'Meunier' wines in the region. The wine looks ..
HK $788.00
Packing: 750ml
Jacques Selosse Version Originale

V.O. or Version Originale represents the great classic of Selosse, a this is the great classic of Selosse, a non-dosed cuvée (or very little depending on the vi ..
HK $4248.00
Packing: 750ml
Jacques Selosse 2008

This bottle soared from the glass with scents of citrus oil, buttery pastry, candied peel, crisp orchard fruit, toasted pecans, iodine and smoke. Full-bodied, d ..
HK $29448.00
Packing: 750ml
Yamazaki 25 Years Old

My inspiration for Yamazaki 25 was the Yamazaki 1984 statement that was awarded the ultimate recognition of the Supreme Champion Spirit at the International Spi ..
HK $88888.00
Packing: 750ml with Gift Box
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